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Dear all,

My thesis defense will take place on the 10th of october at Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute amphitheater, at 2pm.
It will be followed by the traditional pot that will take place in IPGG rooftop (7th floor).

Find below the thesis title and abstract.

Development of Targeted single-cell RNA sequencing in droplet microfluidics and applications

Single cells technologies were introduced a few years ago and have been dramatically evolving ever since. These technologies have revolutionized biology, making it possible to better understand how heterogeneous cell systems works. For example, they permit to discover and follow cell subtypes, with applications in oncology or neurobiology. We have developed a technology to study the expression profile of genes of interest at the level of a single cell, using droplet-based microfluidics. By limiting the number of genes studied compared to commercial whole-transcriptome technologies, the targeted approach has several potential benefits : gaining deeper sequencing, increasing the number of cells studied, optimizing detection for low levels of expression, while reducing the complexity of data and costs. Targeting is sometimes essential, especially when the RNAs do not carry a generic primer sequence, as in the case of viral RNAs. Two applications are presented : the analysis of inflammation of the immune cells of the brain in the early stages of development, as well as the study of genetic recombination in the virus.


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